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The Source of all you desire comes from within you. Journey to Awakening services assist you in exploring this Divine relationship.

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Hi, I’m Phyllis Danu and I’m a certified Hendricks Big Leap Coach and Graduate from the Hendricks Leadership and Transformation Training Program; Registered Holistic Nutritionist; Yanumoja Yoga Teacher; Reiki Master and Tara Mandala Dance Leader. I have been exploring healthy life, love, and spiritual evolution for over thirty years. Here’s a peek at some of this experience.

  • I’ve tried on many different self-help, therapy, healing methods
  • I’ve been exploring Tarot cards and oracle systems for over 29 years
  • I’ve been in a relationship with the Moon since I first saw her full in the sky as a wee girl
  • I’ve been dancing with Buddha Goddess Green Tara for 15 years
  • Exploring Goddess Spirituality for over 27 years, I have established and co-led a number of women’s circles and full weekend retreats

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"Phyllis' Journey to Awakening classes are creative and compassionate... she brings a myriad of traditions and practices to make the classes joyful and grounding... as a yoga teacher I love taking her class!"
-Deborah Sharpe


"I have recieved energy work sessions from Phyllis Danu. She is a respectful, compassionate and caring person who is able to hold a deep space to work on core wounds - to help me transcend them. A deep love was found and overall clear awareness of what was let go and lessons learned. I would highly recommend Phyllis."
-Kim Knutson

my genius?

I cultivate being tuned in and playfully connected, deep listening creates a heart connection between me and my clients – you are held in Love and Wonder!

my dedication?

I am dedicated to Awakening myself and others to the delightful potential available through alignment with Source.

my mission...

…can be best summed up by the affirmation of motivation I say every morning. “I am here to manifest the Wisdom that rests within. I am here to radiate my Loving compassion into the world. I am here to gather the skill and the power to Bless and Empower all” (credit to Prema Dasara)