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"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy."
Friederich Nietzsche

Inner Wisdom Coaching

Connecting through Body/Mind/Spirit Phyllis serves as your partner in self-discovery and personal growth. In person or through video calling.

Whole Foods Fun In The Kitchen

Phyllis shares her enthusiasm for healthy, whole foods with you in your own kitchen. In person (extra fees apply) or video call.

Insight Oracle Readings

A playful approach to life’s changes and challenges. Phyllis uses traditional and other oracle cards for insight or a new and different point of view. In person or video calling.

Quick Insight

This is a 20-minute Insight Oracle Reading. When you need a quickie. Best if you’ve already had a full reading with Phyllis. Video calling or phone calls but can be done in person.

Energy Body

A delightful intuitively guided energy connection experienced through in person or long distance 45-60 minute sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

-How does someone play with their issues?

Our issues often come from patterns of thought and behavior that we were taught when we were very young. As adults we just keep on keeping on until that part of us that wants to express itself won’t be quiet. Through inner wisdom coaching I will teach you how to care for all dimensions of yourself – body, mind, and spirit – so that you can source and express your own path.

-What is Insight Tarot? Are you a fortune teller?

I definitely do not predict the future. The journey to awakening is a path that leads to self-empowerment. I use tarot and oracle cards because the images are rich with detail and symbols. The subconcious mind and inner child loves to explore images, symbols, colour. The process of asking a question and then opening curiously to what arises is facilitated with these readings. We don’t determine your future, we simply look at the questions from a new perspective.